Blackjack was America's answer to the game Twenty-One, which started life in the early 1600sand is now an extremely popular online game. You can play it online at . What's it all about? The player starts with 2 cards and aims to keep their score under 21, whilst continuing to ask the dealer for another card, stand, split or even surrender. Online Formats It was one of the most popular games in the real world, it seems fitting that Blackjack has become one of the most played games in the virtual world.

Pokies is the Australian slang word for slots. This interesting game is as captivating as it is diverse. Here are some basics before you head over to and start playing. Why Pokies and Not Slots? Australian slang calls slots pokies. The word evolved from the 'pok' in a poker machine (slots machine). The relationship draws from the fact that Aussies call slots machines poker machines.