Blackjack was America's answer to the game Twenty-One, which started life in the early 1600sand is now an extremely popular online game. You can play it online at .

What's it all about?

The player starts with 2 cards and aims to keep their score under 21, whilst continuing to ask the dealer for another card, stand, split or even surrender.

Online Formats

It was one of the most popular games in the real world, it seems fitting that Blackjack has become one of the most played games in the virtual world.

Where can I play?

Probably every casino on the Internet offers a version of Blackjack, given that it is a straightforward classic when it comes to gambling. Give it a go!

  • The number on your hand must beat that of the dealer's
  • To 'Hit' is to ask for another card, to 'Split' is to double your bet.
  • Don't score over 21.

What ar the odds?

The odds of winning Blackjack are fairly high - some casinos claiming a 42% chance of beating the dealer. There is no Mathematical formula, though - just luck!

One of our top tips is to avoid making the insurance wager, as this only really dampens your chances of winning big, given that the odds are 2-1.

Online Blackjack

Along with what seems like everything else on the planet, Blackjack has been digitalized. Playing online can sometimes be better, as there doesn't have to be an alcoholic distraction.

How do I get online?

Joining an online Blackjack casinos fairly straightforward. Simply choose your favourite casino and chances are it will be amongst their featured games. Signup or login to play.

  • Remember - the odds are high!
  • Avoid the insurance wager
  • Look out for special offers

Far from a tragedy to use a strategy!

When it comes to Blackjack victory, knowing your numbers is the key to success. Make sure to read up on strategies or use a strategy card while you play.

What have I got to lose?

Exactly! What have you got to lose? As long as you do your research beforehand and take advantage of welcome bonuses and offers, you could get beginner's luck.

Win more or lose less?

Blackjack is a game of luck, and sometimes it may be the lesser of two evils to lose less than win more, as this can increase your chances of winning.

Just remember to gamble responsibly and whenever you feel like you've hand enough, it is important to stop right there and then. Take a break, then come back to Blackjack.

What's on offer?

Bonuses for Blackjack are typically in the form of welcome offers. This is probably because Blackjack is such a popular game that introductory offers are all that is needed.

Most casinos offer signup deals along the lines of deposit bonuses, and these can be pretty darn generous. For example, Betfair offers to match your deposit by 100%!

  • Find the right strategy for you.
  • Take note and make use of offers.
  • Be self-aware and gamble responsibly.

It can take years of playing Blackjack to find the right strategy for you, but don't let that deter you. That is why Blackjack is a classic.


How long does a game take?

Obviously, online it is up to you but we'd recommend around 2 hours if you want to increase your chances of winning big. But take your time.

The best big wins in any sort of gambling come from sheer luck, so playing for 2 hours is only the estimated time. Not knowing is part of the fun.

Whether you choose to follow a strategy or choose to follow fate, we're sure that you'll find an offer that suits you. Have fun, play safe and win big!