Pokies is the Australian slang word for slots. This interesting game is as captivating as it is diverse. Here are some basics before you head over to http://www.onlinecasino-nz.xyz and start playing.

Why Pokies and Not Slots?

Australian slang calls slots pokies. The word evolved from the 'pok' in a poker machine (slots machine). The relationship draws from the fact that Aussies call slots machines poker machines.

A theory explaining the origins claims that early Australian casinos had real poker machines for video poker games. These resembled slots machines that soon became more popular than video poker.

Getting Started - What You Should Know

Online pokies are very similar to offline pokies. Nowadays, they both use random number generators (RNGs) to create results. The basic gameplay is hitting the spin button and waiting for results.

Read and Understand Game-Specific Rules

Since there are so many versions of online pokies, you should first learn the detailed rules of your selected game before starting. They determine icon interpretations, the number of lines and your winnings.

  • If you are on mobile, game rules and additional information might be on another screen
  • Sometimes, you can alter variables like the number of lines, spin speed and credit sizes

Is Money a Must?

No. You can play online pokies without spending any money. This is great if you just want the enjoyment without putting your money on the line. You can't withdraw your winnings though.

Can I Play Without Registering?

Yes. If you don't want to spend minutes giving your personal information, you can enjoy free spins without registration. You will, however, get a better experience and features if you register.


How to Stay Safe When Playing Online Pokies

Since you are going online, you have to take some safety precautions to safeguard your information. Other than using a device running the latest security patches and OS, you can:

  1. Go for reputable online casinos with positive reviews
  2. Ensure that you never log into your profile using public Wi-Fi
  3. Play free no registration pokies
  4. Use strong passwords and 2FA when possible

Good online casinos take the safety of their patrons seriously. If you intend to start playing pokies for real money, register with a reputable casino with many positive reviews from others.

Are Online Pokies any Better?

People who already enjoy offline slots might find moving to online games a bit weird. While you might not get the satisfaction of a physical pokies machine, there are other benefits to expect.

Online Pokies are More Economic

You will spend less on online pokies since you don't have to travel to a casino, buy expensive drinks or any other expenses. This is a great step towards better bankroll management.

You Can Play on the Go

If you have a smartphone, you can download your favourite casino's mobile app and play on the go. Consequently, you won't have to set aside a day or hours to visit a casino.

You Can Always Stop When You Need to

The other benefit of playing online is it is a bit easier to stop. You know that you can pull up the game and play next time you are free.

Should I Play on a Smartphone or on a Computer?

This is more of a preference as games are well optimized. If you are ever on the move, mobile will do fine. Computers might be more immersive thanks to the bigger screen.

Are Online Pokies Rigged?

No. They are not. Pokies machines use RNGs to simulate traditional machines. Regulated casinos ensure the RNGs are up to standard to avoid suspension of their licenses by the regulating body.

The online casino is the place to be for great pokies playing. You’ll also find a huge variety of other games available to you from blackjack and roulette to poker and more.